Freitag, Juli 20, 2007

Bardinale 2007

Bardinale 2007
The festivalprogram is here! It can be seen at the buttom of the page.. SO GO HAVE A LOOK!

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Frederick Rodgers hat gesagt…

21 July 2007 Portland, Oregon USA
Today marks one month since the death of my mentor and friend, Mary Ellen Solt. It was she, at Indiana U Bloomington, who both inspired and informed me as I wrote my dissertation on the roots of concretism (1974)and, eventually, a few concrete poems of my own. All students of all manifestations of poesis should be so fortunate. Anima mea triste est. Frederick Rodgers

Frederick Rodgers hat gesagt…

21 July 2007 In offering my sincere tribute to poet, scholar, teacher and, for many years, treasured friend, MARY ELLEN SOLT, I failed to mention that Ms. Susan Solt (one of her daughters) tells me that a memorial event will occur 3 August 07 at the Lilly Library on the IU Bloomington campus; Solt's unique archive of international concretism is located there in that magnificent library of rare and important literary material. Her "Flowers In Concrete," including the "Forsythia" she is famous for, is part of that archive. I suggest that admirers of concretism send their remarks to Lilly Library. Mary Ellen, smiling broadly, would at this point ask me to stop and go photograph the white zinnias blooming in my garden here. Yes. Frederick Rodgers

Bjørn Friis Thomsen hat gesagt…

Thanks for your post, I'm aware of Solt's work. Especially her "Concrete poetry - a world view" is marvelous and I'm sorry to hear that she past away. Hopefully the work will live on and I will see if I find the library on the net. Germany being so far away and all.

Vladimir Urbano hat gesagt…

ich heiße Vladimir und bin Chilene.
Ich finde dein Blog sehr gut und schön. Ich bin ein DAAD-Stipendiat und in August werde ich nach Dresden fahren, ich bin 1 Jahr dort bleiben, also vielleicht können wir uns treffen, oder chatten, weil ich einige Deutschen Personen kennen lernen brauche.

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Viele Grüße,
Vladimir Urbano