Freitag, Juli 20, 2007

Bardinale 2007

Bardinale 2007
The festivalprogram is here! It can be seen at the buttom of the page.. SO GO HAVE A LOOK!

Montag, Juli 16, 2007

Vagn Steen

The danish concrete poet Vagn Steen (b.1928) has let us borrow some of his books for the exhibition and some of his posterpoems will also be exhibited.

Dienstag, Juli 10, 2007

Johannes Auer said 'yes'

The german digital poet Johannes Auer is participating at the Bardinale this year, which I'm personally looking forward to. He will be making a "Vortrag zu Digitaler Poesie "Netzliteratur + Radio" on Friday the 14. september at 20.00 at the Erich Kästner Museum.

Montag, Juli 02, 2007

Wikipedias definition of Konkrete Poesie

Can be read here and so can a description of the related Konkrete Kunst be read here

Sonntag, Juli 01, 2007